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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Personal plea to America

I love my Country first, my Transgender status second, why?

This is the greatest Country on Earth bar none and I will not standby and watch it ruined by any politician, political party or the MYTH of Social Justice.

I have lived for 55 yrs as a male, troubled by the knowledge that something was wrong with me. When I made my decision to become the woman I always I knew I should have been, I didn't abandon my love for Freedom and Justice that our forefathers gave us. I didn't expect someone to hand my new me on a silver platter, rather I knew it would be an upward battle as my whole career and personal life had been.

Please read my next blog and understand what I stand for: Freedom to choose who I want to be without fear of repercussion from those that see me as immoral or a freak. I have grown past those individuals, I do not condemn them for their beliefs and I expect the same respect in kind.

This is and I hope will always be a Free Nation where we can live together in Harmony and Peace. We have made huge strides to that end, but now is not the time to 'Fundamentally Change America', rather it is a time for us to unite and take back a Government gone crazy with corruption and influenced by special interest groups.

Peace, Love and Respect to each of you!

My Political views

Many of you have seen my blogs and remarks in regards to my political views. I have and will challenge the current administration and the Democratic Party even if some believe I am a true Republican because of my opposition. That just simply is not true.

Firstly and most importantly I am an American, born and raised in the 1950's. Raised up to believe in hard work and accomplishment being the 'only' thing that truly mattered to achieve success in America. I see that as an asset that took me so far in my Data processing career as a man. I taught those same values to both of my children and I am very proud of both of them today despite their inability to 'wrap their minds around' their father becoming a woman after all these years. My son is an Army Warrant Officer in command of and intelligence battalion currently stationed in Afghanistan. My daughter is currently studying for her Masters in Sociology at Missouri University. So you can see the values I instilled in them has made them understand that the ONLY path to success is hard work and dedication.

I am opposed to the current Washington Democratic Party because they are guilty of hijacking America and their own constituents through lies and deception, corrupt practices and illegalities Speaker Nancy Pelosi pledged to change. Most everything they have attempted has been rammed down our throats whether we like it or not causing a rising up in America with an outcry for a return to the Constitution and it's core values. These are the same beliefs that I was taught and believe in today.

Social Justice is a myth and many have bought into the lie that Politics and Laws will change this for the good for all those who feel oppressed. Dr. Martin Luther King did not believe this either, he believed in the process of making your voice heard and thereby changing the future for minorities. I could give you countless examples of successful minorities in our Country that simply saw America as a Country of opportunity for those who wanted to work and dedicate their lives to The Dream. And yet in the days I grew up minorities even scoffed and berated these individuals of turning their backs on their minority groups. Those that criticized them, I believe, were just not willing to work as hard as they did.

I believe in The Bill of Rights and it's core of 'Equality for all'. I am not a Republican or Democrat, I am an informed individual who looks at both sides of the issues at hand and derives the truth and I will not bend to either side who does not stand the test of truth.

But I have to tell you this Country is outraged at the 'abuse of power' from Washington Elites on both sides of the Party lines.

We the people demand that our Government give back what they have and are taking from us, our Freedom. I will vote my conscious whether the Candidate be Democrat or Republican I support. As a Transgender, people might say I should vote Democrat and shun the Republican views on gays, lesbians, Transgender or Bi-sexual issues. I would if that were the ONLY thing at stake this November, but it isn't. Our Country and the future of my children and their children is at stake because of 'the Fundamental Change' Obama has decreed since his Campaign began. I opposed him then and I oppose him now. I will not sell out the future because some might feel 'kinder' towards me as a Transgender.

This Country has fallen asleep when it comes to life values, not religion or tradition, but what our Forefathers left for us to protect and defend.

If you don't vote with the truth in your heart and only your selfish needs, I fear you will be disappointed with the results. Educate yourselves about the issues without bias one way or another and vote your heart, that's all we can ask of each other. But please do not just pull the ballot handle down without knowledge as I presume a majority of you will, you might find yourself on the losing end. The demise of the greatest Nation on earth today.

Study the Constitution, Bill of Rights and what our forefathers wrote in the documents leading up to the Declaration of Independence. You might be surprised that we are not headed in the right direction to sustain our Republic.

For those of you who say, my vote is worthless or it won't matter, you have lost already. Others will decide your future for you and you will only be able to exist in your own self pity and anger. To effect change you must ACT!