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Saturday, May 10, 2014

Who I am

I am who I am, but not who you see.
I wear a mask and clothing for you to see because I do not know if you could ever understand who I really am.

I have spent nearly my entire life driven to succeed in all that I started and to some that know me I did succeed, but to me I failed to complete the things I wanted and needed to satisfy my own desires. I made a lot of mistakes along the way because I did not want anyone to see beyond what I wanted them to see, but always my intention was to learn, achieve and help others along the way.

I was bright in school, even some called me an over-achiever. I had dreams, big dreams that were always driving me forward to work harder than those around me. Even so, who I wanted you to see and who I was inside constantly kept me confused and disoriented in life. I could never, it seemed, find the right balance between the two of me.

I am kind and have a huge heart for others, continually sharing what I myself earned or learned along the way. I have shared so much of me in my life that I left little for myself now.

I made a lot of money, not nearly what I wanted. I maintained a professional life that kept me rising quickly through my career, but in the end the two of me could never find the right happiness to be fulfilled, so now I am angry and alone, unable to be the inner me that defined my thinking for who I let you see.

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